Winter Residence

Last year we decided to search for a property in Maui to use as a winter residence, and based on a recommendation from a friend we contacted Susan DeLoria. Once we explained our priorities and wish-list to Susan she intuitively understood precisely the type of property we were looking for and she immediately set to work at finding suitable listings. Susan’s understanding of our needs were apparent by the listings she was recommending, in that she was not wasting our time with inappropriate properties. When it came time to actually visit the properties it quickly became obvious that, firstly, she is extremely well respected in the Maui real estate community, and secondly, her knowledge regarding all aspects of life on the island is phenomenal.

It was specifically due to Susan’s respected position in the Maui real estate network that she learned about this one-of-a-kind property that had just been listed and had not even yet appeared on the on-line MLS listings. This is the property we ended up purchasing – a home that far exceeded our dreams and expectations.

I should also mention that not only did Susan fully understand our property needs, but she was also sensitive to our budgetary constraints, and so she was instrumental in negotiating an affordable price for the home. Without Susan’s knowledge and network, we could never have purchased this home.

After the purchase was complete Susan continued to offer assistance in every way possible. She not only worked with us throughout the purchasing process but she also served as a valuable source of information regarding all aspects of living on Maui, from where to buy things, to hiking trails, to dealing with the various utilities and bureaucracies here. It would have been much more difficult to set ourselves up here if it had not been for all of the extra assistance and information provided by Susan.

Our dealings with Susan were never anything but pleasurable. I could not imagine that there could be a better real estate agent on Maui.

— Danny Shay, Toronto Canada