Knowledgeable and Informative

I’d like to recommend Susan Deloria to anyone looking for property in Hawaii. She is not only knowledgeable and informative, but also extremely pleasant to work with. We enjoyed time with Susan in Maui (always at our convenience) and then spent time on the phone and communicated via email too, we were with her for several months and she still keeps in touch to make sure all is well. During the process she did everything she said she would and always offered to do more. Susan was even able to get us a property that wasn’t listed for sale! She was always willing to do whatever we wanted and never tried to push us into anything. We did a long distance closing and she was extremely helpful with the walk-thru and getting the seller to fix needed items and then she followed through to make sure that everything was completed satisfactorily. Susan is friendly, always returns calls and emails promptly and just seems so willing to go above and beyond. She loves Maui and wants others to get the proper fit so that they will love it too. The whole process was so enjoyable (of course who wouldn’t be happy in paradise) that we’re even thinking of doing it all again – but not without Susan!

— Noli and Cindy Libuit, CA