I’m sick of all this snow. You have 3 days to find us a nice house in Maui.

Months of searching and working closely with Susan resulted in our recent purchase of a gorgeous home in Kahana Ridge. Our search was made more difficult in that we were living in Colorado. For months were unable to align our schedules so that both my wife and I could come to look at houses on Maui so we first began our search on the websites of numerous Maui real estate agents. I quickly discovered that while they all extolled what great agents they were we found most of them sadly lacking in many areas of service. Susan responded promptly to our initial email inquiry with a phone call to learn exactly what was on our “dream list” for our ideal new Maui home. This initial call was followed up by several months of calls, emails and house photos along with complete information on houses she thought we might be interested in pursuing. Every time we’d find something we thought we might be interested in, Susan was quick to make a personal visit to the property and let us know her impressions and observations. Finally my wife decided she just couldn’t get away from work and it was decided I would make a 3-day trip to the island alone. I left Denver with my wife’s last words ringing in my ears, “I’m sick of all this snow. You have 3 days to find us a nice house in Maui.” After a whirlwind tour of something like 18 houses in 2 days we decided to make a successful offer on our dream home. Susan then put together an amazing team and with her assistance and direction we were able to close escrow in record time. After the close Susan became an invaluable source of information and assistance as we began to put together our new home. Every step of the way our dealings with Susan left us feeling like we were special. Our only disappointment came when we discovered that Susan routinely performs these incredible feats for all her clients; not just us. We really believe Susan is both an incredible person as well as a tremendous asset to have when conducting business on Maui. We’re looking forward to years of friendship with Susan and will certainly use her for any future real estate transaction on Maui.

— John and Dixie Forester, HI